Fun Ways to Make Money Online

Most of us spend a good deal of time online, and for good reason: from checking work email to playing games on social media, it’s easy to both work hard and relax from almost anywhere. If you enjoy spending time online, you might find that making money online can be both easy and enjoyable. Here are a few easy ways to earn extra money online.

Take Surveys

You have an opinion on almost anything; companies need to know how best to reach their target demographics and whether they’re doing a good job. Sign up with a number of websites to take surveys in exchange for coupons, gift certificates, and even actual cash.

The more survey sites you sign up for, the likelier you are to find a survey to complete when you have free time; you won’t qualify for every survey, and if you’re considered part of a niche demographic, it might be hard to find a company that’s looking for your input. The more options you have, the more surveys you’ll be able to complete, and the more you’ll earn.

Sign Up for Ads

Most people like to avoid seeing advertisements. However, you might be able to make money for each advertisement you see when you sign up with certain companies. Choose a business that will pay you for logging on to email or visiting another favorite site; they’ll post specific ads in the margins of the site, and will log how often you view the page. Find companies who will pay you to view their ads on both computers and smart phones; you’ll find compensation starting at about a penny a view.

Mystery Shop

If online shopping is already something you love, earn cash by signing up to be a mystery shopper. Companies love to know what aspects of their websites are customer-friendly and in which areas they need to improve; connect with an online customer service department to offer your services in exchange for a per-piece paycheck or even free swag.

Earning money online can be a fun, easy way to supplement your income in your free time. Sign up for a variety of services to make the most of your time online.