About Rowan Smith

Only a month after getting married, my husband moved across the country for a new job. I went with him, of course-that’s what married couples do, and I was only working at a coffee shop after graduating college anyway. We made sure we had enough funds saved up to afford the move and pay all our expenses even if I didn’t find a job right away.

Well, I didn’t find a job right away. I didn’t even find a job after a reasonable length of time. The combination of a small town and a tight job market meant I didn’t get an interview anywhere for two months-and that interview was for a coffee shop job. I liked pulling espresso shots well enough, but I also knew that wasn’t a tenable long-term position for me.

Instead of taking on an early-morning, part-time shift (I’m not my best at 5 a.m.), I figured out how to earn money on my own time. It started small: I signed up for rewards programs and took grocery store surveys in exchange for coupons. But then I got smarter about earning money online, and took even greater steps towards an income. I found a freelance website that had solid user reviews and seemed like it really would pay me for my writing pieces-and it did. After a few months, I was making at least what I could have at the coffee shop, even with how late I like to sleep in (I’m not sharing the time-it’s shameful). My husband and I even own a small share in stocks now, which is the most grown-up thing I’ve ever done financially. If you want more money or need an income, I’ve got some good advice for how to turn your unemployment into “fun-employment”.