4 Ways To Exchange Currency While Traveling

While traveling, it is important that you are fully aware of your available options for exchanging money. Some options are costlier than others, while others offer a far better deal. Here are some of the available options and what you should know about each.

ATM Machine

One option for exchanging your money is to use an interbank ATM machine. Depending on the bank you currently use, it might be possible to exchange money for free, since some banks have international branches. Even if the bank does not have international branches, you can usually get money exchanged for a low fee.

Before traveling, check with your financial institution to learn if international transactions are possible. If so, find out the fees. It might be more cost-effective to withdraw a large share of money as opposed to making many small withdrawals.

Hotels and Airports

Whether or not exchanging money at a hotel or airport is a good idea is debatable. Hotels and airports are convenient, but the transactions fees can be high. As a result, both locations are considered to be more of a last choice option.

Before exchanging money at either location, check online for the current currency exchange rate so that you can accurately determine the markup before making a final decision.

Credit Cards

If using your credit card is an option, it could be one of the best available for exchanges. Credit card currency conversion rates are usually low. Some credit card companies do charge an international or foreign transaction fee, but the overall fee can still be lower than those incurred through exchanges at a hotel or airport.

Traveler’s Checks

Even though traveler’s checks are not as popular as they once were, they are still a good option in an emergency situation. Traveler’s checks can sometimes be purchased without paying a fee, which can save on the conversion.

There is a drawback to using a traveler’s check though. The checks are not accepted in all locations. As a result, finding a place to cash the checks can be difficult. Before traveling, check for locations in the area in which you are traveling to that are willing to accept them.

There are other methods you can use to convert currency while traveling. Consult with your bank or other financial institution to fully explore your options and determine what would be the best method for the area in which you are planning to travel. 

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